Yoga on the Beach is Relaxing

Throughout history, yoga has always been practiced outdoors from the time of its origins. With the modernization of yoga and the lack of enough open space in big cities, yoga has found a way inside studios and gyms. Yet, outdoors remain the best place to practice Yoga. The beach is one such place where you can practice the asanas, meditate, and be calm in the lap of nature. There are many reasons why you should enjoy your future Yoga sessions on the beach.


In the natural habitat

On the beach, you will be doing yoga the way it was originally intended to be, out in the open. The nature around you will be a great inspiration to do the toughest of asanas. In a yoga studio, you need music, television and what not to keep yourself from getting bored. Here, you do not need any of those distractions. You have the sprawling beauty of Mother Nature right in front of your eyes. Whether it is the comforting sounds of the waves or the mild rays of the sun, all of it will come together to make it a better experience for you. Not only this, such a kind of experience also allows you to spend time with yourself, think more, and know yourself better.


It is all about Breathing

Whether it is the asanas or the pranayama, all the components of yoga have breathing as a big part of it. The sound of the water will help you to breathe rhythmically as well. Moreover, since you are out in the open, you will be able to inhale a lot more oxygen than what you would have been able to in the closed indoors. You will also be able to feel an instant high in your energy, because of all the oxygen that you will be taking in.


The Balancing Act

The beach sand is soft, pleasant, and feels great. You do not need a mat when you go to the beach for practicing yoga. The simple reason is that sand is your natural mat. Even if you fall, you are not going to get hurt. Also, since sand on the beach is not laid out like a concrete floor, it is not easy to achieve balance on it. Meditation is not an issue. But, when it comes to the asanas, it becomes a little tricky to get the right balance and hold the posture still. It needs a lot more concentration than it would take you on a level floor. This improves your focus and makes your mental faculties sharper.


yoga on the beach

The chirping of the birds and the vast ocean in front of you will always be relaxing. You cannot help but feel a connection with nature. You will feel one with it. Also, once you are done with all the asanas, you can enjoy yourself in the nature’s very own swimming pool. Take a dip, and relax yourself with a quick swim in the ocean. The scenic beauty will be enough to make all your worries melt away.