Yoga for Kids

kida yogaWith the advent of technology, it seems like kids have forgotten to go outside and play. They can always be seen busy with their latest gadgets, pretty much like their adult counterparts. However, since these are their developmental years, a lack of physical activity can be very harmful to them in the long run. Yoga is an ideal workout for kids because it not only gives them the physical exercise they need, but also helps them in developing better focus. Yoga will improve their posture while helping them attain mental balance, concentration and will also help in increasing their inner strength. So, here are some simple yoga poses that kids can easily perform:

Easy pose

This pose forms the basis of many of the exercises in yoga. It is actually one of the first poses that are taught. The p

erson just has to sit with crossed legs and keep their eyes closed. They then have to then breathe in and out, which helps in creating a rhythm and also helps in calming the kids down.


This is another interesting pose for the kids. For this, they have to first stand straight and take five deep breaths. Then they are supposed to inhale while lifting their hands over their head and

stretch themselves looking up to the sky. After that they have to start exhaling while they will slowly bring their hands down and touch them on the ground. They can then return to the starting position. This yoga pose will help them improve their spinal cord flexibility and their height.

Tree pose

For the tree pose, the kids should stand straight and breathe in and out. Now, the child should put their right leg

on the side of the knee of the left leg. They can now either clasp their hands in a ‘namaste’ position or push it a notch higher. If they want, they can also raise their hands over the head and maintain that position for about 2 minutes. They can also keep their eyes closed for improving concentration. After that, slowly release the body to normal and repeat the same pose with other leg. This po

se helps the body maintain balance and is good for keeping the spine straight. This is an incredible pose for improving the focus of the child.

Butterfly pose

The name itself is enough to create curiosity in kids. To start, the kid needs to sit on the floor and slowly bring their soles together. In the next step, they will need to keep their feet firmly in one place. At this point, the knees will be above the ground. So, bring the knees to the ground. Again, bring the knees up and then take them back to the ground. Repeat these steps. Let them imagine themselves as butterflies and let them flutter.

This one is for their relaxation. After a busy workout, this will help them relax a bit. They just need to lie on their back and keep their arms and leg straight. Also, ask the kids to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. As much as this is a relaxing exercise, it is also a lesson in concentration. This pose will not only relax their body, but will also give them a free and relaxed mind.