Favorite Yoga Poses

Yoga has several benefits that help in achieving wholesome health and promotes well being. People favorite yoga posescan practice the ancient art indoors or outdoors, they can attend yoga classes or stay back at home and educate themselves. Even 15 – 20 minutes of yoga can help them reap many health benefits. Yoga helps them to improve both their mental and physical strength. Here are some great yoga poses for betterment of their core strength. These poses are incredibly powerful and combine inner strength with mental agility for overall benefit.

Easy Pose

This is the simplest yoga pose a person can do. They just have to sit with crisscrossed legs with their hands on the knees, close their eyes and take deep breaths to relax their body and mind. This is the basic pose for breathing exercises and meditation too.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This asana requires the practitioner to sit in the easy pose with their right hand closing their right nostril and breathe in through the left nostril. Then, using the left hand close left nostril and breathe out of the right one. Do this yoga exercise for at least 20 minutes. This will help them feel fresh and light from inside.

Tree Stand

The tree stand is an easy and beneficial posture, as it helps the practitioners to achieve a good balance of the body and also improves the mental strength. To start with the pose they first need to stand straight. The person is then required to lift up one of the legs and place it on the side of their other thigh. Then they should bring their hands together in prayer position and lift them up above their heads. It is important to stay in that position and breathe. Now slowly come back to the original position and repeat the steps with the other leg.  This pose helps with balance. For example, you need good balance in order to stay safe on your roof when cleaning out the gutters.

Sitting Forward Bend

To be able to sit in this pose, the practitioner needs to have both their legs and back straight. Then they need to lift their hands straight over their head, look up and bend forward, touching their toes. They need to hold this position for a moment and keep their back straight before finally returning to the initial position. This asana can be performed while standing as well. This yoga pose helps in stretching the back and legs.


‘Sava’ means corpse. So this literally translates to corpse pose. This is another example of a really easy pose that results in great benefits. Savasana helps in relaxing the body, so it is generally done at the end of a yoga session. For this asana, the person needs to just lie down, with their back straight and arms on the sides. The person now needs to close the eyes and focus while inhaling and exhaling. This exercise helps in bringing the body in a rhythm and also helps in normalizing the breathing after a heavy yoga session. Concentrating on the breathing also allows the person to appreciate their own existence, which is a rejuvenating experience in itself.