Hey, my name is John and I want to share my knowledge of Yoga with you.  I never dreamed of ever being so happy about Yoga until now.  My past sure would not predict my future love of Yoga.  I grew up on a small farm town in Iowa.  My father was a farmer and my mother helped as well.  My father grew ears and ears of corn year after year.  I can remember running through the fields as a child feeling each kernel as I flew through the paths.  I would love helping my father drive the tractor while I pretended to harvest all the corn.  The days were long and as I grew older, I became more and more restless.  I knew that being a farmer was not something I wanted to do as my career.

I dreamed of the big city and walking down the crowded streets of New York or Los Angeles.  I knew that my best plan would be to join the military so that I could travel the world for free.  As soon as I graduated from high school, I signed the dotted line and joined the Army.  I decided to jump out of planes for the adventure.  Unfortunately, my knees and back were not very happy about the numerous jumps.  I tried physical therapy, massage, and chiropractor treatments but nothing really helped the pain and suffering.  A friend begged me to try a yoga class so I gave in and went to my first class 20 years ago in Los Angeles.  It was the best decision I ever made.

It took going to Yoga for 3 years every other day to fully recover from my rigorous military training and airplane jumps.  I know feel better than I ever have in my entire life.  I am flexible, strong and much more aware of all aspects of my life.  Yoga has saved my life.  I became very depressed after being booted out of the Army due to medical issues.  Now I have a new lease on life and have become a certified Hatha Yoga instructor during the day while driving a limousine at night. I really enjoy the balance of the two professions.

My real life experience with Yoga has given me the passion, drive and motivation to help others who need some relief.  I know that Yoga can help you become much more flexible, strong and aware so that you can face life’s challenges with ease and grace.